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Quality vs Quantity – We always maintain a long-term view of the investments that we offer and by virtue of our unique corporate design, we can afford to be patient in making the right decisions. Successful businesses take years to build and carrying that legacy forward requires a long-term disposition.


Selling a business or passing it along to family is truly a process, not an event. Planning well in advance of a business changing hands will help the transition go as smoothly as possible. 

Aslan Capital Saskatchewan has the relationships to offer options at every stage of this process from initial consulting and preparing the business for sale through to investing in the transaction and assisting to manage the operations. These relationships can help to prepare the business for this transition or sale while keeping the right people in place to continue operating the business. 


Are you a retiring entrepreneur looking for an exit strategy? Do you want to maintain the team that you have built over the years? We can raise the capital to help you and point you in the direction of other services. 

We begin with a meeting up front to ensure that our services are a fit for your situation. During this meeting we can discuss the costs and fees associated with raising this capital and outline the next steps. 


Do you or your partners want out of the business? Do 1 or more of the existing partners want to stay in the business and carry it forward? We can meet and discuss some options.


Many business owners are looking to get out of a business and struggle with succession planning. You may have trained people for years, who are capable to take over, but may not have the money to buy the business. You may want to take money off the table, but probably still care about what happens after you’re gone. Call us to talk about some of your options. 

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