About Us - Aslan Capital Saskatchewan Inc.

About Us - Aslan Capital Saskatchewan

Aslan Capital Saskatchewan Inc. - Saskatoon - Regina - Raising Capital - Succession - Exempt Market

About Us

Our model is unique. Full service really means full service.


Our investment criteria leads us to partner with companies where we can add value and capture growth opportunities. While we are not partial to any industries we look for businesses with good people and strong fundamentals and operating processes in place. We like companies with a proven operating history and $500,000 - $10M in EBITDA. 

Aslan Capital Saskatchewan was started in September 2018 and was originated from the experiences and relationships developed over the last 30 years of Business Ownership, Business Consulting and raising capital in the exempt market. 

Aslan was established to provide a solution to the lack of capital available to Saskatchewan businesses. Aslan seeks to provide these companies with financial options to execute their strategic goals while bringing operational support and adding long-term value to the benefit of all stakeholders. We rely on our business experience, combined with our demanding due diligence and reporting requirements to create an enviable investment situation and unmatched security of our investment. 

Typically, a company’s access to capital will change as it grows. Early on, an entrepreneur may use their own money, or involve friends and family. As success and growth happens, the business may become attractive to Angel investors or Venture Capital funds. Typically, these funds take big risks to capitalize on the highest growth and usually end up with high failure rates as a result. We look for trends in operating history and recognize where we can add value. While many of our competitors in the private markets look for the biggest growth opportunities, we look for more predictable and stable companies with untapped growth potential.

We recognize opportunity where others do not and we know how to create value.

The People - Aslan Capital Saskatchewan

Aslan Capital Saskatchewan Inc. - Saskatoon - Regina - Raising Capital - Succession - Exempt Market

The People

“Invest Local” know who you are investing with as the principals are in Saskatchewan and from SK. We look to partner with and finance Saskatchewan businesses. We are entrepreneurs and we approach our relationships with professionalism, confidentiality and a resolve to getting things done.

We have a very deep and expansive network of business and industry professionals throughout the province and across the country. We are able to draw from these relationships to make well informed investment decisions. 

We have a collective 20+ years of experience in business and financial services in the Exempt Market. Aslan principals have a great deal of expertise in dealing with the challenging complexities of business and the exempt market. We believe that it takes an equal amount of grit and skill to get the job done and our history speaks for itself. 

The EM (Exempt Market) is a regulated industry and we take it very seriously. We don’t “play in the grey” it is always black and white with Aslan Capital Saskatchewan.  

We have a track record of creating value and delivering results.

Visionaries- Aslan Capital Saskatchewan Inc.

The People - Our Experience


More than 2 decades of capital raising experience – we respect the capital and we know what it takes to find, structure and execute a good business deal based on sound investment principals and a solid foundation for success.

Larry Scammell -  Larry is a hardworking and seasoned entrepreneur with a few specific areas of expertise. He takes a firm yet fair approach to everything that he does and is known for asking the all-important and difficult questions. Throughout his time, he has conducted presentations, webcasts, seminars and training conferences in support of the sales agent network and investing clients. He managed all communication and relationship aspects of each company’s investor network ranging in size from 150 to 17,000 investors with a total capital investment ranging from $26 - $650 Million dollars. Larry was a top performer in each company that he worked with and developed great expertise at building strong working relationships.  

Roger Grona -  Roger is very proud of his Metis heritage. His ancestry is traced back to the 1700’s in the Red River Settlement. He is an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Investor and CEO. Roger is the Founder and CEO of Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. Founder, Business Partner and CEO of Firebird Business Ventures Ltd., Investor and Business Partner(ed) in Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc. Venture Market (online exempt market portal), Hall of Fame Coaching (HOF), Aslan Capital Saskatchewan Inc. and a very minor investor in Holmes Approved Homes. Roger is also a Chair for TEC Canada (The Executive Committee).  


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